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Ceremony and catastrophe
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Freak weather and the port

Two particular types of weather have left their mark on London - frost and floods
The 'Princess Alice' tragedy

More than 600 people died in the worst ever disaster on a British waterway
Fires in the port

From the Great Fire of London to the Blitz, London has suffered some devastating fires
The state funeral of Lord Nelson, 5-9 January 1806

Britain's greatest naval hero is buried in London
London's biggest explosion

The terrible events at Silvertown's TNT factory
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The 'Princess Alice'The 'Princess Alice'
The passenger steamship that collided with a collier in 1878 killing over 600 peopleThe Great Fire of LondonThe Great Fire of London
The fire devastated Stuart London, destroying 80% of the CityVisit a series of galleries
Royal Ceremony and Parading on the ThamesRoyal Ceremony and Parading on the Thames
Throughout the centuries the Thames has been the setting for numerous ceremonial events, particularly royal occasions, such as arrivals, departures, visits, coronations, marriages, funerals, processions and pageantry
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