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Port of science and discovery
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Captain James Cook

The greatest explorer of his age
Greenwich and the story of time

Find out why Greenwich is the home of Mean Time and the Prime Meridian
The 'Great Eastern' as a cable laying ship

Connecting the world
Explore the picture
Greenwich Meridian Trail Greenwich Meridian Trail
The Prime Meridian divides east and west. Click on the numbers to see the Meridian markers and find out the history behind the Line.
Get the facts
HM Bark 'Endeavour'HM Bark 'Endeavour'
Captain Cook's ship for sailing to the South SeasHMS 'Beagle'HMS 'Beagle'
The ship in which the naturalist, Charles Darwin, sailed around the worldCaptain James CookCaptain James Cook
Surveyor of Australia and the PacificThe Thames BarrierThe Thames Barrier
London's flood defenceVisit a series of galleries
The transit of VenusThe transit of Venus
See the first photographs of a transit of Venus, taken by astronomers of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in 1874Assistants at the Royal ObservatoryAssistants at the Royal Observatory
The work of the Astronomer Royal would not have been possible without the team of assistants they had working for them.
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Port Quiz
[Bypass: Port Quiz 'The trans-Atlantic cable']The 'Great Eastern' laid the transatlantic cable between Ireland and where in North America?

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