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Thames art, literature and architecture
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Maritime Greenwich: A World Heritage Site
A unique historical landscape
Picturing the 18th-century port
How artists interpreted the Thames in the 18th century
Joseph Conrad
The Polish émigré who became a British merchant seaman and a master of English prose
The port in literature
Many writers have used references to the Thames and London's port districts in their works
Bridging the Thames
The fascinating stories behind London Bridge and Tower Bridge
Printing the Thames in the 19th century
The print imagery of the period and the artists who focused on the Thames
William Lionel Wyllie and the Thames
The career and techniques of a prominent Thames artist
Meet the people
William Lionel WyllieWilliam Lionel Wyllie
London river artistInigo JonesInigo Jones
Designer of the first Italian-style buildings in England including the Queen's House, GreenwichExplore the picture
Maritime Greenwich Maritime Greenwich
Uncover the history of this unique historical landscape
Thames crossings: bridges, ferries and tunnels
Learn more about the bridges and tunnels that cross the River Thames
 Thames crossings: bridges, ferries and tunnels
Zoom in on the detail
Port Fact
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Greenwich through the ages

Greenwich has been the site of many prestigious buildings including a royal palace, the Royal Observatory and the Naval CollegeThe Greenwich Hospital collection

Examples of famous paintings and artefacts donated to the Greenwich Hospital.Thornhill's painted ceiling

Early sketches for Thornhill's Painted Hall in Greenwich Hospital.James (Jean-Jaques) Tissot (1836-1902)

Depictions of 19th-century London life observed with a Frenchman’s eyeWillem van Velde the Elder (1611-93) and the Younger (1633—1707) in London 1672-1707

The Dutch marine artists Willem van de Velde and his son, also called Willem, painted pictures of ships, battles and the sea for the British court, the aristocracy and naval officers
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