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Maritime London Partnership

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Port communities
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Chinese in the Port of London

Find out about London's original Chinatown
Scandinavian seamen in London

Seamen from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden formed large transient communities in the port of London
Passengers and the port

Millions of emigrants or immigrants seeking a better life in London or elsewhere moved through the port
The Jewish community and the port

During the late 19th century, thousands of Jews fleeing Russian oppression arrived in the port of London
Bengali-speaking community in the Port of London

The history of the Bengali-speaking community and its links with maritime London
The Goan community of London

The London Goan community's origins and maritime links with the docks of East London
The Swahili community and maritime London

Over the last four centuries thousands of people born in the Swahili-speaking region of Eastern Africa have come to the port of London
The Somali Community in the Port of London

The Somalis are one of the oldest African communities in Britain
The Portuguese Community in the Port of London

The Portuguese-speaking community has existed in the port of London for a long time
Local poetry and creative writing competition

Lewisham residents write poetry about local rivers that flow into the Thames
Watch the films
Dockers re-united
See what happened when we re-united a group of ex-dock workers

Signs from the past
Video memories from Docklands deaf community

Zoom in on the detail
Port Fact
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