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Maritime London Partnership

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Maritime London - Discover the past, explore the present

Explore the history of maritime London from Roman settlements to today's Docklands. Find out about the individuals and events that have contributed to its wealth and importance, and discover the communities who have made this great port city their home.

Port Highlights

[Bypass: Port Highlights]The 19th-century port

Docks and industry transform the Thames

73 killed in East End explosion

The terrible events at Silvertown's TNT factory

The early port

London grows from a Roman settlement to a bustling medieval port

The riverside wharves

The forgotten part of the port

Labour unrest in the port after 1889

Industrial relations in the Port of London were strained throughout the 20th century

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[Bypass: On This Day]11 APRIL 1861
The 'Resistance', was launched at the Westwood, Bailie, Campbell & Cos London Yard on the Isle of Dogs

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Port Fact
[Bypass: Port Fact 'London's lighthouse']Where in London can a lighthouse be seen?

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