The Angel


Outside of The Angel public house.
View full size imageThe Angel public house. © NMM
The Angel is the oldest public house in Rotherhithe. It dates back to the 15th century when Bermondsey monks built the first inn on the site as a resting point for travellers journeying to London.

Rotherhithe Street in 1930.
View full size imageThe Angel on Rotherhithe Street in 1930. © NMM
During the 17th century, Judge Jeffries is reported to have frequented the tavern.

He is said to have sat drinking on the balcony, while watching public hangings on the opposite river bank at Execution Dock.

The Thames and Angel Tavern.
View full size imageThe Thames and Angel Tavern. © NMM
Samuel Pepys, the Secretary to the Admiralty, was also a regular visitor. In his diaries he mentions the cherry markets, which were held several days a week in the nearby Cherry Gardens and his visits to 'The Famous Angel'.

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