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Nelson's funeral procession on the Thames.Nelson's funeral procession on the Thames.
Nelson's funeral procession on the Thames.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: 3972
Title: Nelson's funeral procession on the Thames.
Description: A panoramic view of Nelson's funeral procession. Nelson's funeral barge can be seen in the foreground on the River Thames as his coffin was rowed up to the Admirality from Greenwich on Charles II's royal barge, accompanied by over 60 boats, including a variety of Admiralty and City livery barges. In the central foreground, a barge flying the red ensign fires a salute. Boats of the 'Sea Fencibles', a corps of naval reserves, line the route. Greenwich Hospital is clearly visible in the background with the Royal Observatory in the distance.
Creator: Augustus Charles Pugin (artist): John Hill (engraver): James Cundee (publisher)
Date: 1 April 1806
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London. Part of the Walter Collection.

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