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An East Indiaman in a fresh breeze.An East Indiaman in a fresh breeze.
An East Indiaman in a fresh breeze.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Title: An East Indiaman in a fresh breeze.
Description: An Indiaman is shown in port-quarter view, lying hove-to and flying the red ensign. It is probably waiting for a boat, perhaps to take off the pilot. A small boat has just left the harbour wall or jetty to the left, which may be on its way to collect the pilot from the merchant ship. Other ships are portrayed sailing in the fresh breeze. Most of the artist's extant paintings date to the last six years of his career and are principally marine-subject matter. Brooking's reputation as a marine artist was well established by 1755. In 1754, he completed a commission from the Foundling Hospital in London for a large sea-piece and in the same year was elected as one of the hospital's governors and guardians. Although his stylistic range shows the influences of Simon de Vlieger and Willem van de Velde the Younger, his approach was uncompromisingly individualistic. His careful attention to detail evinces an informed knowledge of maritime practice and naval architecture.
Creator: Charles Brooking
Date: c. 1750
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London

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