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A fleet of East Indiamen at sea, by Nicholas Pocock.A fleet of East Indiamen at sea, by Nicholas Pocock.
A fleet of East Indiamen at sea.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Title: A fleet of East Indiamen at sea, by Nicholas Pocock.
Description: Pocock's painting is believed to represent the convoy under George Millett, as commodore, during their return voyage from China early in 1802. The 'Hindostan', in the centre, was a large East Indiaman of 1248 tons, built in 1796 to replace a previous vessel of the same name that had been sold to the Navy. The new 'Hindostan' undertook three voyages in the service of the Company, the last being the one illustrated. On 11 January 1803, at the start of a fourth voyage, she was lost during a heavy gale on Margate Sands with up to thirty of her crew. Eleven of the other vessels in the convoy depicted here are known to have reached their moorings in London between 11 and 14 July 1802: the 'Lord Hawkesbury', 'Worcester', 'Boddam', 'Fort William', 'Airly Castle', 'Lord Duncan', 'Ocean', 'Henry Addington', 'Carnatic', 'Hope' and 'Windham'. The other ships have not been identified but are also presumed to have done so.
Creator: Nicholas Pocock
Date: 1803
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London

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