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The Western Quay at the London Docks.The Western Quay at the London Docks.
The Western Quay at the London Docks.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: H4931
Title: The Western Quay at the London Docks.
Description: A remarkable photograph of the busy Western Quay of the London Docks. Hundreds of casks and barrels are laid out on the wine-gauging ground awaiting inspection. To the right stand the warehouses of 1804-5, designed by Daniel Asher Alexander. The forest of ship masts shows that although the London Docks were still thriving, they were already too small to accommodate larger steamships. In the 1901 census, the biggest vessels in the London Docks were sailing ships.
Creator: Unknown
Date: c. 1890
Credit line: Tower Hamlets Local History Library Collection

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