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Smoke from the bombed factories in Silvertown.Smoke from the bombed factories in Silvertown.
Smoke from the bombed factories in Silvertown.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: H2841
Title: Smoke from the bombed factories in Silvertown.
Description: A Luftwaffe photograph showing the damage done to the Silvertown factories during the first night of the Blitz. The Royal Albert, Victoria and King George V Docks were all badly bombed. Warehouses were set alight, ships were damaged and the industrial areas of Custom House, Silvertown and Canning Town were still on fire the next day as raw materials and chemicals added fuel to the burning buildings. Places like John Knight's soapworks, Tate & Lyle's sugar refinery and the Silvertown Rubber Works were among the factories badly hit.
Creator: Luftwaffe
Date: 8 September 1940
Credit line: Newham Archives and Local Studies Library collection.

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