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Firemen tackling a blaze at the Surrey Docks.Firemen tackling a blaze at the Surrey Docks.
Firemen tackling a blaze at the Surrey Docks.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: H3772
Title: Firemen tackling a blaze at the Surrey Docks.
Description: On 7 September 1940 hundreds of planes targeted London's waterfront. Bombs set the Surrey Docks and the thriving businesses along them on fire. The fire service had anticipated major fires when the Germans attacked but were stunned by what they saw. Gerry Knight, a Station Officer sent this message to the alarm office, 'Send all the bloody pumps you've got … The whole bloody world's on fire!' Thousands of Auxiliary Fire-fighters joined the London Brigade to battle the flames.
Creator: Unknown
Date: September 1940
Credit line: Southwark Library Collection

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