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Dockers re-united

The PortCities London team published a photograph of a dock gang, from 1957, in the local press to see if we could trace any of the men featured. We had a very positive response and invited several ex-dockers to a reunion on the Thames. While the dockers reminisced, we captured their memories as video clips... 



Dock gang at the King George V Dock.
View full size imageDock gang at the King George V Dock, 1957. © NMM
Ex-Dockers group shot
View full size imageThe re-united dock workers, 2003. © NMM
  • Nicki Colley, second from the left of the foreground
  • Nicki Colley, fourth from the left in the front row

Re-united dockers
View full size imageGeorge and Bert now intend to meet up regularly. © NMM

Bert Redwood (right) and George Thurgar were re-united at the event after 20 years. George recalled: "I used to smoke a pipe and Bert was known on the docks as a man who could get cheap tobacco from his mates at Dunhill. When we met again, my first question was 'Got any snout?'"

watch the dockers reunited video clips

This event was held in partnership with Age Exchange.

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