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The Port of London today

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Terminals of the port of London today

Map of the modern port
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Terminals north of the Thames


Brunswick Wharf
Operator: Pura Food Limited
Type: liquid bulk - edible oils and fats
Pura is an important supplier of edible oils and fats to the retail sector, the food processing industry and bakery industries. Oils imported through Brunswick Wharf pass by underground pipes to Pura's production plant at nearby Orchard Place.


Manhattan Wharf
Operator: Atlantis Oil and Chemical Co, Ltd.
Type: liquid bulk – mineral lubricating oils

Tate & Lyle Jetty
Operator: Tate & Lyle
Type: dry bulk – raw cane sugar
Raw cane sugar was originally imported in oak casks, and later in jute bags. As late as the 1960s, sugar for Tate & Lyle was discharged at the West India Dock and moved by lighters to Silvertown. In 1967, the company built a deep-water jetty to receive raw sugar directly into a conveyor trough, to be processed in what is now the largest cane sugar refinery in the world.


Docklands Wharf
Operator: Docklands Wharf Ltd.
Type: dry bulk - sea-dredged sand and aggregates, scrap metal and steel imports from Europe

Kierbeck Wharf
Operator: Kierbeck Ltd.
Type: break bulk - steel imports from several European countries
Kierbeck produces cut and bent steel reinforcements, and is a major supplier of reinforced steel products for huge construction projects such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and many road improvement schemes.

Pinns Wharf
Operator: Pinns Wharf Ltd.
Type: dry bulks – ferrous scrap

Rippleway Wharf
Operator: Montague L. Meyer Ltd.
Type – break bulk – timber products

Victoria Wharf
Operator: RMC Aggregates (Greater London) Ltd.
Type: Dry bulk – sea-dredged aggregates

Welbeck Wharf
Operator: Welbeck Steel Service Centre Ltd.
Type: break bulk - steel products, especially steel coils
The wharf handles 200,000 tonnes of steel products each year.


Ford Jetty
Operator: Ford (UK)
Type: cargo RO-RO
Since the closure of the assembly plant at Dagenham, the jetty now handles imported vehicles from Ford factories in Europe. It also has a growing business handling imported goods and materials for other manufacturers.

Hunt's Wharf
Operator: Easimet Ltd.
Type: dry bulks and general cargo

RMC Dagenham
Operator: RMC Aggregates.
Type: dry bulks – gypsum
Like RMC's other facility at Erith, imported gypsum is processed into asphalt at a nearby plant.

No 4 Jetty
Operator: Hanson Aggregates.
Type: dry bulks – aggregates, phosphoric slag

TDG European Chemicals
Operator: TDG European Chemicals
Type: liquid bulks – chemicals, edible and vegetable oils, lubricants


Purfleet Fuels Terminal
Operator: Esso Petroleum Company Ltd.
Type: liquid bulks – petroleum products, lubricants and solvents
All bulk production of Esso and Mobil lubricants takes place at the nearby Purfleet Lubricants Plant.

Purfleet Thames Terminal
Operator: Purfleet Thames Terminal
Type: RO-RO ships
This site hosts daily links with Zeebrugge and Rotterdam, and specialises in the transport of vehicles and containers.

Van den Bergh Jetty
Operator: Van der Bergh Foods
Type: liquid bulks – edible oils.
Van der Bergh, a division of Unilever, has had a site here since 1921. The company produces many well-known brands as Flora and Bertolli. Over 300,000 tonnes of edible oils – including sunflower, olive, rapeseed, palm and coconut - are imported and processed here each year. Apart from the edible oil refinery, Van den Bergh operates the world's largest margarine factory at the site. Other oils are shipped to food-processing plants throughout Britain. The jetty can accommodate vessels of up to 40,000 DWT.

West Thurrock/Grays

Civil & Marine Jetty (Lower)
Operator: Civil & Marine Slag Cement Ltd.
Type: dry bulks - cement clinker and granulated slag

Civil & Marine Jetty (Upper)
Operator: Purfleet Aggregates Ltd, a joint venture between Hanson Aggregates and RMC Feltham.
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged aggregates

Gibbs Wharf
Operator: Foster Yeoman.
Type: dry bulk - limestone aggregate, coal and other minerals
The wharf receives and processes limestone from the company's quarries in Somerset and Scotland. It also handles imports of coal and various minerals for other companies.

Grays Terminal
Operator: ST Services Ltd.
Type: liquid bulks – petroleum products

Lafarge Jetty
Operator: Lafarge Aggregates Ltd.
Type: sea-dredged aggregates

Thurrock Marine Terminal
Operator: Castle Cement Ltd.
Type: dry bulk – cement

Vopak Terminal London
Operator: Royal Vopak.
Type: liquid bulks - petroleum products and chemicals (liquid fertilisers, gases, and vegetable oils and fats)

West Thurrock Jetty
Operator: Industrial Chemicals Group Limited.
Type: dry bulks – chemical powders
ICGL supplies a range of products - including caustic soda, hydrochloric and sulphuric acid - to the chemical industry. Cargoes arriving at the jetty are processed at ICGL's Titan Works in Grays, on the site of the former West Thurrock Power Station.


Port of Tilbury Grain Department
Type: dry bulks – cereals, feed beans, peas, rapeseed, maize and Soya beans
The Bulk Grain Terminal at Tilbury has been one of the most successful of the PLA initiatives of the 1960s. In 2002 the facility handled over 500,000 tonnes of imports (wheat, barley, oats, beans, peas, rapeseed) and nearly 300,000 tonnes of exports (wheat, maize, Soya beans). A large amount of grain is processed nearby, as Rank Hovis, Allied Mills and ADM Milling have flourmills near the terminal.

Berth 1
Operator: Bunge (UK) Ltd
Type: dry bulk - animal feedstuffs and fertilisers

Berth 21
Operator: Cory Brothers Shipping Ltd.
Type: container shipping and storage

European Metal Recycling Ltd.
Operator: European Metal Recycling Ltd.
Type: dry bulk – scrap metals

TDG UK Storage
Operator: TDG UK Storage
Type: break bulk – chilled and frozen produce

Northfleet Hope Terminal
Operator: Tilbury Container Services
Type: container traffic, particularly refrigerated containers

Short-Sea Container Terminal
Type: containers
This is Europe's only specialist short-sea terminal, handling 120,000 containers each year.

Westerlund UK Ltd.
Operator: Westerlund UK Ltd
Type: containerised paper and other forestry products.


BP Coryton Refinery
Operator: BP Amoco (join venture with Mobil)
Type: liquid bulk – crude oil
Mobil established the original refinery here in 1953, on the site of a former oil storage depot. The refinery produces automotive and industrial fuels, lubricating oils and bitumen. The terminal has five jetties, one of which can receive tankers as large as 300,000 DWT.

Canvey Island

Calor Gas Terminal
Operator: Calor Gas
Type: liquid bulk – Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
This is the company's major distribution centre for the UK. In 2002, the terminal handled 140,000 tonnes of LPG.

Hole Haven Wharf
Operator: Oikos Storage Ltd.
Type: liquid bulks – aviation fuel, chemicals, lubricants, waxes, hard oils

Oikos Storage Ltd.
Operator: Oikos Storage Ltd.
Type: liquid bulks – aviation fuel, chemicals, lubricants

Sites south of the Thames


Angerstein Wharf
Operator: RMC Aggregates (Greater London) Ltd.
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged aggregates

Delta Wharf
Operator: Blackwall Aggregates, a joint venture between Hanson Aggregates and
United Marine Aggregates
Type: dry bulk - sea-dredged aggregates

Victoria Deep Water Terminal
Operator: Hanson Aggregates
Type: sea-dredged aggregates
This was originally the Victoria Wharf handling general cargo. The Deep Water Terminal opened in 1966 as a privately owned container terminal. It enjoyed success for over a decade, receiving containers and unit loads from Europe. Since 1990, the site has received aggregates under a succession of operators. The terminal now handles vessels of up to 8000 tonnes.


Murphy's Wharf
Operator: United Marine Aggregates (UMA)
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged sand and gravel
The company runs Europe's largest marine aggregate processing plant nearby.

Riverside Wharf
Operator: Tarmac Southern Ltd.
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged aggregates


Mulberry Wharf
Operator: Tarmac Southern Ltd.
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged aggregates


British Gypsum Wharf
Operator: British Gypsum Ltd.
Type: dry bulk – gypsum
The gypsum is imported from France and other parts of the UK. It is either sold directly to the construction industry or processed on-site to make asphalt.

European Metal Recycling Ltd.
Operator: European Metal Recycling Ltd.
Type: dry bulk – scrap metals

Pioneer Wharf
Operator: United Marine Aggregates Ltd.
Type: dry bulks – sea-dredged aggregates

Pura Foods
Operator: Pura Foods.
Type: liquid bulks – edible oils
In addition to their main unit near Brunswick Wharf, Pura operates a soft oil processing plant at Erith.


Thames Europort
Operator: Thames Europort Ltd.
Type: RO-RO freight services – vehicles and containers
The terminal has regular freight links with Zeebrugge, Dunkirk and Vlissingen.


Johnson's Wharf
Operator: Lafarge Aggregates Ltd.
Type: dry bulks – sea-dredged aggregates


Bevans Jetty
Operator: Lafarge Cement UK.
Type: dry bulk powders - cement, cement clinker and coal

Brett Aggregates Northleet
Operator: Brett Aggregates.
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged aggregates

Britannia Terminal
Operator: John Mowlem & Company.
Type: imports of plant and machinery

Northfleet Wharf
Operator: RMC Aggregates.
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged aggregates
In 2002, the RMC Group established a concrete products factory nearby, so this wharf is likely to become far busier in the future.

Red Lion Wharf
Operator: Sterna Shipping (UK) Ltd.
Type: dry bulks – aggregates and other materials

Robins Wharf
Operator:  Foster Yeoman Ltd.
Type: dry bulks – limestone and other aggregates, coal and petroleum coke

Tower Wharf
Operator: Seacon Terminals.
Type: break bulk – mainly steel, non-ferrous metals and forestry products
This facility handled 800,000 tonnes of goods in 2002. It can handle vessels of up to 50,000 DWT.


Clubb's Marine Terminal
Operator: J. Clubb Ltd of Dartford, producers of sand and gravel
Type: dry bulks - sea-dredged aggregates

Imperial Wharf
Operator: Imperial Wharf & Shipping
Type: dry bulks – aggregates, coal, petroleum coke; also liquid bulks and forestry products

Northfleet Terminal
Operator: Northfleet Terminal Ltd.
Type: break bulk – wood pulp and lumber


Alpha Jetty
Operator: Brett Aggregates.
Type: dry bulk - sea-dredged aggregate
The site handles 1,000,000 tonnes of aggregate each year. Much of this is processed at an on-site block making plant, but most is being supplied to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link project.

Chapter Index
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