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Docklands and the Blitz

Hitler's final push: The 'Little Blitz'

The 'Little Blitz' begins

Bombed out houses in Elsenham Road
View full size imageBombed out houses on Elsenham Road in June 1944. © NMM
Although the Blitz was over, occasional raids using increasingly larger bombs continued throughout 1941 and through to 1944.

In June of that year what became known as the 'Little Blitz' began. During the last year of the war Hitler's V1 and V2 rockets presented a new threat to Londoners.

During the 'Little Blitz' 9238 people were killed by rockets and flying bombs. That was almost half the number killed in the 'Great Blitz' of 1940-41.

The Flying Bomb

Bomb damage caused by a V1 strike on Marlow Road
View full size imageThe aftermath of a V1 strike on Marlow Road in East Ham in November 1944. © NMM
The Vergeltungswaffe 1 FZG-76 (V1), known as the Flying Bomb or Doodlebug, was the first modern unguided missile used in wart