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Coffee houses in London

The end

Social change starts decline

Lloyd's subscription room
View full size imageLloyd's subscription room. © NMM
By the mid-19th century most of the coffee houses had gone into decline. This happened because:

  • there was a change in social patterns – people no longer gathered in the coffee houses
  • people preferred to met in Gentlemen’s Clubs or frequented eating houses
  • many of the coffee houses that had served as gathering places for business people, like Jonathan's or Lloyd's, ceased to exist as coffee houses.

The new institutions

Coffeehouse in Salisbury Market Place
View full size imageScene from a Coffeehouse in Salisbury Market Place. © NMM
Coffee houses still existed at the end of the 19th century. They declined less rapidly outside London, but other institutions had replaced many of their original functions.

Businesses now had their own offices while a whole range of societies has developed, catering to every science and intellectual interest imaginable.

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