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Grace Darling (1815-1842)

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A Victorian heroine
Known for

Grace Horsley Darling.
View full size imageGrace Horsley Darling. © NMM
The dramatic rescue of nine survivors from the shipwrecked SS Forfarshire with her father, the lighthouse keeper William Darling

Being idealised as a Victorian heroine

Port connection

Grace Darling’s father was a lighthouse keeper at the Longstone Lighthouse on the Farne Islands off Northumbria, which was owned by Trinity House, based at Tower Hill. 

The Darlings became the most famous of all lighthouse families.

Interesting facts

Grace Darling and her father going to the rescue of the Forfarshire steamer.
View full size imageThe rescue of the passengers from the Forfarshire. © NMM
Grace Darling and her father received Gold Medals from the Humane Society.

Grace Darling became a Victorian celebrity with books, poems, magazine articles, paintings and even a rose created in her honour. She was even asked to appear in Batty’s circus. Bewildered by such attention, Grace preferred to continue her modest life and remained on the island.

Life story
1815 Born at Bamburgh, Northumberland, she was the seventh of nine children.
1838 She helped rescue the survivors from the shipwrecked SS 'Forfarshire'.
1842 Died from consumption (tuberculosis) and was buried in Bamburgh.

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