Off Applebys Wharf, Cubitt Town

Off Appleby's Wharf, Cubitt Town

A stretch of water where Albert piloted the coal ship. In 1901, most coal ships had steam engines. In 1884, when this was taken, many still had only sails. The ship in the middle seems the biggest. It has the older-type square-rigged sails for crossing the oceans to Africa, America or Australia. The barge on the right is gaff-rigged. With only two men it can sail up twisting creeks and rivers. The ship on the left is a brigantine, with a mixture of sails and was popular for working up and down the coast. The small ship on the far left could be a coal ship. It would travel up and down the east coast of Britain, between London and the coalfields in eastern Scotland and north-east England.

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Date: 1884
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