Cannon St. Railway Bridge

The SS Woodcote passing Cannon Street railway bridge.
View full size imageThe SS Woodcote passing Cannon Street railway bridge. © NMM
This was built to carry the South Eastern Railway to its London terminus at Cannon Street Station. The railway, bridge and station were designed by the civil engineers Sir John Hawkshaw (1811-91) - also responsible for the Charing Cross Railway Bridge, the East London Railway, the Severn Tunnel, the South West India Dock and many other projects - and Sir John Wolfe-Barry - responsible for the Tower Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge, and the extension of the Greenland Dock. Hawkshaw and Barry also worked together on the District Line of the London Underground.

Cannon Street Railway Bridge was opened in 1866. It was widened in 1886-93 and renovated in 1979.