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Richard Whitington.

Richard Whitington.
Richard Whitington.
Unique ID: PAD2303
Description: Dick Whittington was born around 1350 in Gloucester to William Whittington, Lord of Pauntley. When he was thirteen he was sent to London to be apprenticed to John Fitzwarren. Later he was to become the greatest merchant in medieval England. He supplied silks from Peking for the wedding dresses of the daughters of King Henry IV and also lent money to the king. He become mayor of London three times, in 1397, 1407 and 1420. Below the portrait is an inscription in English proclaiming his many good works.
Creator: R. Elstrack (engraver)
Date: 1397-1423
Copyright of object: Out of Copyright
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London
National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory Greenwich New Opportunities Fund  
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