Docklands Wharf

Operator: Docklands Wharf Ltd.
Cargo type: dry bulk - sea-dredged sand and aggregates, scrap metal and steel imports from Europe.

Kierbeck Wharf

Kierbeck Ltd.
Cargo type: break bulk - steel imports from several European countries.
Kierbeck produces cut and bent steel reinforcements, and is a major supplier of reinforced steel products for huge construction projects such as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and many road improvement schemes.

Pinns Wharf

Pinns Wharf Ltd.
Cargo type: dry bulks – ferrous scrap.

Rippleway Wharf

Montague L. Meyer Ltd.
Cargo type: break bulk – timber products.

Victoria Wharf

RMC Aggregates (Greater London) Ltd.
Cargo type: Dry bulk – sea-dredged aggregates.

Welbeck Wharf

Welbeck Steel Service Centre Ltd.
Cargo type: break bulk - steel products, especially steel coils
The wharf handles 200,000 tonnes of steel products each year.

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