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The training ship Warspite (1893).

The training ship Warspite (1893).
Training ship Warspite (1893).
© National Maritime Museum, London
Repro ID: G4148
Description: This photograph was taken on board the 1893 'Warspite' and shows the boys eating their dinner on the mess deck. The boys lived on board the ship, with the crew being divided into two watches and each watch into a division of messes. A typical dinner would consist of pea soup, potatoes and bread, with provisions on board being liberal. It was common for boys to put on up to a stone in weight during their time on the 'Warspite'. It was one of the Society’s objectives to help poor, orphaned and distressed boys and such provisions would have held great appeal.
Creator: Unknown
Date: c.1900
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London
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