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A full-hull model of an Elizabethan merchantman.

A full-hull model of an Elizabethan merchantman.
A model of an Elizabethan merchantman.
© National Maritime Museum, London
Repro ID: E0433
Description: This model is based on the manuscript, 'Fragments of Ancient English Shipwrightry', thought to have been the work of Matthew Backer and published in c. 1586. It comprises a series of drawings showing the shape of the hull, sail plan and decoration of an Elizabethan ship. The model illustrates a ship measuring approximately 68 feet in length by 19 feet in the beam and a weight of 100 tons. It was in a ship of this size that Francis Drake made his famous circumnavigation of the world between 1577 and 1580.
Creator: F. C. Pridaux Naish
Date: 1950
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London
National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory GreenwichNew Opportunities Fund 
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