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The Mauretania (1939).

The Mauretania (1939).
The Mauretania (1939).
© National Maritime Museum, London
Repro ID: P27966
Description: The largest vessel to use the Royal Docks was Cunard-White Star's 'Mauretania' (1939, 35,000 GRT) in 1939. She made her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on 17 June 1939, and in August was switched to the London-New York service. She made two Atlantic crossings after World War II broke out. Converted into a troopship at Sydney in 1940, the 'Mauretania' remained in that service through the end of the war, travelling 540,000 miles and carrying over 350,000 troops. After being refitted, she returned to Cunard-White Star service in 1947, principally on the Southampton-New York route. She could carry 470 First Class, 370 Cabin Class and 300 Tourist Class passengers. Switched to the New York-Mediterranean service in 1963, she made her last sailing, New York-Mediterranean-Southampton in September 1965, and was then sold for scrapping at Inverkeithing.
Creator: Unknown
Date: July-September 1939
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London
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