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Royal Aquatic excursion to Greenwich Hospital.

Royal Aquatic excursion to Greenwich Hospital.
Royal Aquatic excursion to Greenwich Hospital.
© National Maritime Museum, London
Repro ID: PW7629
Description: Despite being published over a year after the accession of Queen Victoria, this appears to show one of her uncle King William IV's visits to Greenwich Hospital during the Governorship of Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy (1833-39). The view from the river is almost due south, exposing the east fronts of the King Charles and King William Courts of the Hospital and showing a vast crowd of Greenwich Pensioners drawn up in the Grand Square to welcome the king at the watergate, where his barge is just arriving, heading upstream from the left. He stands, taking off his hat to the crowd, with a female figure - possibly Queen Adelaide - seated beside him, although both are too small to be identified by feature. What appears to be the Hanoverian Royal Standard flies over the Governor's house in the north pavilions of the King Charles Court and on the king's barge.
Creator: R H Laurie (publisher)
Date: 1 August 1838
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London
National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory Greenwich New Opportunities Fund  
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