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River Police sword.River Police sword.
River Police sword.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: H3929
Title: River Police sword.
Description: A Metropolitan River Police sword, c. 1854-55. The hilt consists of a solid brass knuckle-bow leading to a short upturned quillon with a disc terminal. An additional bar on the obverse reaches from the centre of the crosspiece to the mid point of the bow. In the middle of the crosspiece on the reverse is a button to operate the spring, which secures the weapon to the scabbard. The domed pommel and smooth back-piece are cast in one with the grip. The steel blade is slightly curved and flat-backed. The black leather scabbard has a brass top locket fitted with a frog stud and a brass chape. It was presented to the National Maritime Museum by the Wapping Police Station Museum and was described as a River Police cutlass.
Creator: Unknown
Date: 1854-5
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London

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