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Jewish synagogue at Cochin, Kerela, India.Jewish synagogue at Cochin, Kerela, India.
Jewish synagogue at Cochin, Kerela, India.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: H5138
Title: Jewish synagogue at Cochin, Kerela, India.
Description: The Jewish community of Cochin (Kochi) Kerela, India dominated the trade in spices from South India to the Middle East and Europe long before the Portuguese arrived in India in 1498. Many Portuguese Jews arrived in India in the early sixteenth century. After the Portuguese captured the settlement of Cranganore in 1523, the Jews fled to Cochin where they were joined by Jews from Goa fleeing the inquisition. In 1568 the Jews built the Paradesi Synagogue.
Creator: Clifford J Pereira
Date: 2003-02
Credit line: Clifford J Pereira

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