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Chinese gamblers in an opium den.Chinese gamblers in an opium den.
Chinese gamblers in an opium den.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: H5128
Title: Chinese gamblers in an opium den.
Description: The Limehouse area in London was notorious for its opimum dens, many of which catered for Chinese sailors employed by the Blue Funnel Line as well as English addicts. The addicts and gamblers were the subject of sensationalist reports in the press. They were also made infamous by writers such as Thomas Burke, Sax Rohmer and Oscar Wilde. The latter's 'Picture of Dorian Gray' for example, contains a scene were Dorian visits a Limehouse opium den.
Creator: J. Salter
Date: c. 1895
Credit line: Tower Hamlets Local History Library Collection

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