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Billingsgate, 1859, by James Whistler.Billingsgate, 1859, by James Whistler.
Billingsgate, 1859.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: PW5493
Title: Billingsgate, 1859, by James Whistler.
Description: For many centuries Billingsgate was the main wharf for the mooring of fishing vessels and landing their cargoes. Corn, malt, salt and fish were landed as early as the 13th century. The local Billingsgate Market was especially famous for fish, as well as the bad language used by some fishmongers. This was one of the plates in 'A Series of Sixteen Etchings on the Thames', produced by Whistler and published in 1871.
Creator: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Date: 1859
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London

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