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The Buckingham on the stocks at Deptford, by John Cleveley, the Elder.The Buckingham on the stocks at Deptford, by John Cleveley, the Elder.
The Buckingham on the stocks at Deptford.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: BHC3762
Title: The Buckingham on the stocks at Deptford, by John Cleveley, the Elder.
Description: The 'Buckingham' was launched at Deptford in 1751, the year before this painting was made and so it is generally accepted that this is the vessel shown. The beginnings of the framing of another ship can be seen in the single building dock beyond. A third-rate sits on the stocks just upstream of the Great Storehouse at Deptford Yard and the flags that she flies indicate that she is about to be launched. From bow to stern these are a Union jack, the Admiral's flag, the Royal Standard, the Union flag and the red ensign. The River Thames and the buildings of Deptford, including the master shipwright's house, built in 1708, on the far left and to the right. In the centre foreground, in front of both the piles of planks lying on the wharf and a privy overhanging the river, are two respectably dressed men, their backs to the viewer. The one on the left is sketching the scene and this may be a self-portrait of the artist. A couple in the foreground round to the left are being rowed in a passenger wherry to take a closer look at the Buckingham and the main movement in the painting is provided by some horses pulling a tree trunk on a cart, visible on the quay to the left.
Creator: John Cleveley, the Elder
Date: 1752
Credit line: Greenwich Hospital Collection.

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