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The Tschuktschi and their habitations.

The Tschuktschi and their habitations.
The Tschuktschi and their habitations.
© National Maritime Museum, London
Description: In his search for the North-West Passage on the third voyage Cook landed a party on the Chukotski Peninsula of Siberia. They were welcomed by the Chukchi people, and European knives, beads and tobacco were traded for Chukchi clothes, gloves and arrows. Although on shore for only a few hours, Webber was able to sketch details of the clothing, huts and pet dogs, all of which he incorporated into this picture.
Creator: John Webber (artist), Lerpiniere (engraver).
Date: 1784
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London
National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory Greenwich New Opportunities Fund National Grid for Learning  
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