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King William III (1650-1702).King William III (1650-1702).
King William III (1650-1702).

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: BHC3094
Title: King William III (1650-1702).
Description: William was the son of William II of Orange and Mary, elder daughter of Charles I. In 1677 he married Mary, the eldest daughter of James II. Mary and William succeeded as joint sovereigns of England after the flight of James II in 1688. During their short reigns, work began on the Royal Hospital for Seamen in Greenwich, which Mary described as the 'darling project of her life'. She died young in 1694, but William ensured that the work was continued. He died in 1702, three years before the Hospital admitted its first pensioners.
Creator: Sir Godfrey Kneller
Date: c. 1690
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London, Greenwich Hospital Collection

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