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The British Sailors' Society's Residential Hostel.The British Sailors' Society's Residential Hostel.
The British Sailors' Society's Residential Hostel.

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: D2923
Title: The British Sailors' Society's Residential Hostel.
Description: The British and Foreign Sailor's Society's Residential Hostel for Marine Officers on the East India Dock Road. This opened in 1903 and soon became known as 'Jack's Palace' or the 'Sailors' Palace' because of the quality of its facilities. The building also housed the King Edward VII Nautical School, founded in 1902. The BFSS was founded in 1833, and grew out of societies inspired by the work of George Charles Smith, who began preaching to merchant seamen on the Thames in 1814. By the time this photograph was taken in 1948, the BFSS had changed its name to the British Sailors' Society. Since 1995, it is known as the British and International Sailors' Society, and still works for the 'material, moral and spiritual welfare of seafarers in ports throughout the world'.
Creator: Unknown
Date: 1948
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London

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