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Flintlock pistol.

Flintlock pistol.
Flintlock pistol.
© National Maritime Museum, London
Repro ID: D5921
Description: This flintlock pistol was designed for Admiral Philippe D'Auvergne (1754-1814). The stock is of walnut, fully stocked to the muzzle and fitted with a brass trigger guard and brass butt cap. There are two brass ramrod pipes into which the wooden ramrod is fitted. The lock is a flintlock. The barrel is of brass and is smooth bore. Born in Jersey in 1754, Philippe D'Auvergne entered the Navy at the age of 16. While stationed in the Channel Islands during the Napoleonic Wars he ran a secret service network passing information from the French Royalists to the British Government. He also formed a military corps from French Royalist refugees who had fled to Jersey. Two hundred of these pistols were made by Nock especially for them at 48 shillings a pair in 1796.
Creator: H. Nock
Date: 1796
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London
National Maritime Museum/Royal Observatory Greenwich New Opportunities Fund  
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