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The P&O liner Ravenna (1880).The P&O liner Ravenna (1880).
The P&O liner Ravenna (1880).

© National Maritime Museum, London

Repro ID: H3803
Title: The P&O liner Ravenna (1880).
Description: The P&O cargo and passenger liner 'Ravenna' (1880, 3372 GRT) in March 1886. She was in the port of London at the time of the census of April 1881. She had 17 Goan crewmen on board. Descendants of some of the Goan crew have been traced through East Africa and presently live in London. The 'Ravenna' was sold in 1898.
Creator: Unknown
Date: March 1886
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London.Gould Collection

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