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Trinity House


The Master's flag

It is appropriate that an ancient and honourable Corporation like Trinity House has several flags that represent its various functions.

The first is the Master's own flag. It consists of a St George's Cross that separates four ships, with the Trinity House coat of arms at its centre.

· Image (Trinity House Master's Flag. 3028. AAA0831. ND).

The Trinity House Jack

Trinity House Jack.
View full size imageTrinity House Jack. © NMM
The Trinity House Jack is similar to the Master's flag, but does not have the coat of arms at the centre. An Elder Brother of the Corporation is allowed to fly the jack at the masthead of any vessel in which he is sailing. It also flies over the Trinity House at Tower Hill on flag days.

The ensign

Leader pilot vessel on Southampton Water.
View full size imageLeader pilot vessel on Southampton Water, June 1957. © NMM
The most common Trinity House flag is the ensign. It is flown from all its pilot boats, lighthouses, lightships and support vessels.

It consists of a red background with the Union flag in the top left hand corner and the four-ship Trinity House design in the middle. This photograph shows it flying from the mast of the Leader pilot vessel on Southampton Water.


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