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Ted Aylward singing
View full size imageTed Aylward singing.

From local acts to international productions, the theatre was extremely popular with the dockworkers.

Music halls drew on the entertainment provided in the taverns and the local community continued to be involved with talent contests attracting musicians, comedians and acrobats!

During the two wars, there was a decline of the music halls in favour of theatres.

Ivy remembers going to the theatre in Woolwich:

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At the Granada they used to have a stage show where people would go up… they
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used to dance and sing, some girls used to go on to better things.


Greenwich Theatre
View full size imageGreenwich Theatre.

The theatre is still a popular treat. Although the music halls are gone, we now have hit musical productions that continue to dazzle audiences.

While the West End is crammed with the 'hit' shows, many of which have come over from Broadway, South East London retains its smaller, fringe theatres and the very popular Shakespeare's 'Globe', which was recently refurbished.

Michelle goes to the theatre and takes dancing lessons.

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Sometimes I go to the theatre with my family as
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a family day out.


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