PortCities London

Making a home in maritime London

Need help with the sound?

To make your experience of PortCities as enjoyable as possible, we have included a range of media, including sound.

Downloading an audio player

To enable you to listen the sound you will need to download a player. If you do not already have one, these players are currently free to download:

Downloading the sound

When you click on the title of one of the sound clips an MP3 file (sound that has been digitised for the Web) is downloaded. Some of these files are quite large and how long the download takes will depend on your speed of connection.

  • If you have a 56k modem you can expect to wait around 2-3 minutes for a 2Mb MP3 file to download.
  • If you have an ISDN line or are a broadband user, the MP3 file should download immediately, or within a few seconds.


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