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Making a home in maritime London

An oral history project
Why did you move to London?
How did you feel when you first arrived in London?
What sort of accommodation did you have?
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What sort of accommodation did you have?

Vanguard Estate

View full size imageVanguard Estate.

Arriving in London all alone was a daunting prospect. The lucky ones had friends or family they could stay with:





Quotation marks left
One of my uncles owned a house here, and I stayed
Quotation marks right
with his wife, because my uncle was in Nigeria then.

(Grace, originally from Nigeria)

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Quotation marks left
When we got married… [his parents'] sitting
Quotation marks right
room was to be ours. It was a sitting room-cum-bedroom. We were eating in with his parents.

(Maggie, originally from Liverpool)

Some people moved into council-owned accommodation:

Quotation marks left
None of us had bathrooms
Quotation marks right
unless they owned their house.

(Jean, from Deptford)

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Connie from Vanguard Estate
View full size imageConnie from Vanguard Estate.
Others were less fortunate and had to make alternative arrangements:






Quotation marks left
We squatted in a Nissen hut,
Quotation marks right
down Church Street.

(Connie, from Deptford)

Audio File Squatting in a Nissen Hut
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