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The state funeral of Lord Nelson, 5-9 January 1806

The death of Nelson
Bringing Nelson home
The lying in state
River procession
Street procession
Funeral service
Nelson's tomb
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River procession

Grand River Procession

Nelson's Funeral Procession by Water from Greenwich
View full size image Nelson's Funeral Procession by Water from Greenwich.
On 8 January there was a 'Grand River Procession' from Greenwich to London.

A large flotilla was assembled, including barges owned by the City Livery Companies. They were resplendent with their carved and gilded decorations and colourful banners.

A correct representation of the Funeral Barge which conveyed the Body of the late Lord Nelson from Greenwich to Whitehall Jany 8 1806.
View full size image A fanciful view of the funeral barge which conveyed Nelson's body from Greenwich to Whitehall, 8 January 1806.

Nelson's barge

Nelson's coffin was placed in one of the royal barges, originally made for King Charles II.

Its gilding and paint were shrouded in black velvet. A large canopy erected over the stern was surmounted by black ostrich feathers.

Slowly, the long line advanced up the river. The escorting vessel's fired their guns to mark the barge's passage.

Nelson's funeral procession on the Thames, 9 January 1806.
View full size imageNelson's funeral procession on the Thames, January 1806.

Arrival at Westminster

After passing through London, the procession arrived at Whitehall Stairs, near Westminster.

The coffin was unloaded and taken to the Admiralty, where it lay overnight.


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