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Local poetry and creative writing competition

'Local poetry and creative writing' competition

Aerial view of Deptford Creek.
View full size imageAerial view of Deptford Creek from the Thames. © NMM

The local poetry and creative writing competition inspired Lewisham residents of all ages to write poetry about local rivers that flow into the Thames.

The River Quaggy

This river rises on Bromley Common and flows through Bromley, Mottingham and Eltham where it joins the Ravensbourne. The Quaggy has a long history of flooding.
Lewisham residents in Deptford Creek
View full size imageLewisham residents in Deptford Creek. © NMM

The Ravensbourne

This Thames tributary rises at Franborough and flows northwards through Bromley and Lewisham into Deptford Creek.

Deptford Creek

The mouth of the Ravensbourne that flows directly into the Thames.

The River of Words competion was a collaboration between the Creekside CentreLewisham Council, Deptford and the National Maritime Museum.

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