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Deptford Power Station

New age of power generation

Aerial view of Deptford power station.
View full size imageAerial view of Deptford power station in 1925. © NMM
Further along the river from Greenwich, another power station was built at Deptford in 1889 by Sebastian de Ferranti. He was the chief engineer at the London Electric Supply Corporation.

It was the world's first modern high pressure power station. It introduced a new age in the scale and capacity of electricity generation.

Giant generator

Early sketch of Deptford Power Station
View full size imageDeptford power station in 1890. © NMM
The station was located on a 1.2-hectare (3-acre) site at the Stowage. It housed four 10,000- horsepower engines and four 500-ton alternators. </