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The Tudor and Stuart port

Trade and expansion in the 17th century

New opportunities

Godspeed at Greenwich.
View full size imageA replica of the Godspeed at Greenwich in 1985. © NMM
During the 17th century, London's merchant adventurers continued to seek out new commercial opportunities.

In December 1606, three small ships - the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery - sailed from Blackwall with the backing of a Company of Merchant Adventurers. They founded the state of Virginia in North America.

That was 14 years before the Pilgrim Fathers set out from Plymouth. Here is a photograph of a replica of one of the ships, the Godspeed.

Landfall Virginia

The portraictuer of Captayne Iohn Smith Admirall of New England.
View full size imageCaptain John Smith. © NMM