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The Dreadnought Seamen's hospital

Funding the good works
Dreadnought Hospital Greenwich.
View full size imageDreadnought Hospital, Greenwich, massage and electrical department. © NMM

The hospital's costs

Running the Seamen’s Hospital was an expensive business. For example, in 1892 total expenditure for the year amounted to £15,215.

That cost was made up of, among other things, nearly £5,000 for food and drink, just over £1,000 for medical materials, £2,300 for wages, and nearly £2,000 that was spent on the society’s other branches. 

Sources of income

These costs were balanced by income that came from a variety of sources: subscriptions, collections, legacies, investments, and also fees from student nurses and some payments made by patients.

This charity-based funding continued until the hospital became a part of the Nati