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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. The Stork (1904) off Rotherhithe.
*The Stork (1904) off Rotherhithe.The 'Stork' (1904, 2029 GRT) was a general cargo, short sea vessel belonging to the General Steam Navigation Company. She is shown here at moorings...
2. The Suecia (1929) at Tilbury.
*The Suecia (1929) at Tilbury.The Swedish Lloyd passenger ferry 'Suecia' (1929, 4216 GRT) manoeuvring off the Tilbury Passenger Landing Stage in May 1955. A sister ship to the...
3. The Suffolk (1857).
*The Suffolk (1857).The 'Suffolk' (1857, 953 GRT) was launched at the Money Wigram & Sons Yard at Blackwall. She was a three-masted sailing vessel made of sheathed...
4. The Suffolk (1939) and the Sun XI (1925).
*The Suffolk (1939) and the Sun XI (1925).The Federal Steam Navigation Company's cargo liner 'Suffolk' (1939, 11,145 GRT) in the Royal Albert Dock in October 1962. The tug 'Sun XI' (1925) is...
5. The Stella Maris (1956).
*The Stella Maris (1956).The ‘Stella Maris’ (1956) in the Surrey Docks in July 1961.
6. The Steendieu (1957).
*The Steendieu (1957).The freighter 'Steendieu' (1957) at the Free Trade Wharf in the Lower Pool.
7. The South African Statesman (1961).
*The South African Statesman (1961).The 'South African Statesman' (1961, 8405 GRT) in the West India Docks in July 1964. She had a complex history. She was launched at Greenock in 1959...
8. The Sri Sukothai in the Surrey Docks.
*The Sri Sukothai in the Surrey Docks.The Thai freighter ‘Sri Sukothai’ in the Surrey Docks in the 1960s. This vessel had been launched in Sweden in 1953 as the...
9. The St Katharine and the Arlanza.
*The St Katharine and the Arlanza.The Royal Mail Lines liner 'Arlanza' (1960, 20,362 GRT) and the PLA excursion vessel 'St Katharine' (1928) in the King George V Dock in September...
10. The Suhaili in the Pool of London.
*The Suhaili in the Pool of London.Robert Knox-Johnston’s ‘Suhaili’ – the ketch in which he circumnavigated the world single-handed and non-stop – in the...
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