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11. The Enterprise entering Madras.
*The Enterprise entering Madras.The East India Company's steamer 'Enterprise' entering Madras. She was built by Gordon and Company in Deptford, and constructed of oak and was 141...
12. The Earl of Hardwicke (1838).
*The Earl of Hardwicke (1838).Built in 1838 at Green's yard in Blackwall, the East Indiaman 'Earl of Hardwicke' initially had paddle wheels. These were later removed when it was...
13. The Duke of Sutherland in April 1888.
*The Duke of Sutherland in April 1888.The Eastern Steamship Company’s cargo liner 'Duke of Sutherland' (1873, 3100 GRT). She carried emigrants out to Australia and brought...
14. The Columbus Captn Wm McKellar. As she appears opposite the Folley House, Blackwall Reach.
*The Columbus Captn Wm McKellar. As she appears opposite the Folley House, Blackwall Reach.A depiction of the vessel 'Columbus' (1824) opposite the Folley House on the eastern site of the Isle of Dogs.
15. The Citizen A.
*The Citizen A.This paddle steamer 'Citizen A', launched in 1846.
16. The Alfred East Indiaman.
*The Alfred East Indiaman.The 1291-ton 'Alfred' was built by Green's of Blackwall in 1845. She was one of a series of vessels which were known as the 'Blackwall frigates'...
17. The Amber (1888).
*The Amber (1888).The cable laying ship 'Amber' (1888) was owned by the Eastern Telegraph Company (ETC), formed in 1872 as an amalgamation of several pioneering cable...
18. The Albert Victor ambulance steamer at Long Reach pier.
*The Albert Victor ambulance steamer at Long Reach pier.The 'Albert Victor' ambulance steamer at the pier at Long Reach. The Metropolitan Asylums Board bought a fleet of paddle steamers to ferry patients,...
19. The Albert Edward at Cannon Street Railway Bridge.
*The Albert Edward at Cannon Street Railway Bridge.The paddle steamer 'Albert Edward' (1865) passing Cannon Street Railway Bridge and the station entrance, c. 1886.
20. The Alastor (1875).
*The Alastor (1875).The three-masted barque 'Alastor' (1875) in Blackwall Reach. She was built by Mounsey & Foster of Sunderland. After sailing to New Zealand for...
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