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1. Presentation small sword awarded to Captain Daniel, 1798.
*Presentation small sword awarded to Captain Daniel, 1798.A presentation small sword awarded by the Committee of Merchants of the City of London to Captain William Daniel, for his actions during the Nore...
2. Prince Lee Boo, second son of Abba Thulle.
*Prince Lee Boo, second son of Abba Thulle.In 1783 Captain Henry Wilson, a Rotherhithe man, was sailing in the East India Company's ship 'Antelope' near Coo-roo-raa, one of the Pelew Islands...
3. Portable telescope.
*Portable telescope.A portable brass reflecting telescope, with two eyepieces, one a later replacement, and folding tripod. The telescope can be dismantled and fitted...
4. Porcelain figure of a Thames waterman.
*Porcelain figure of a Thames waterman.This white porcelain figure shows a Thames waterman in his typical working dress of the 18th century. He wears a full-skirted coat with an arm badge...
5. Plate money.
*Plate money.Plate money, formed by a roughly square copper plate. It is stamped 'FRS 1745', '2 DALER SILF MYNT'. It was cancelled Swedish copper that was being...
6. Plying their river trade
*Plying their river trade
7. Prospect of Greenwich from the Observatory at the top of the hill.
*Prospect of Greenwich from the Observatory at the top of the hill.This appears to be a rather cruder English re-engraving of Rigaud's original, first published in Paris in 1736. There are some minor changes of...
8. Prospect of Greenwich from the observatory.
*Prospect of Greenwich from the observatory.The full title of this print is 'Prospect of Greenwich from the observatory...distant views of London and the course of the River Thames'. It is the...
9. Queen Mary II (1662-1694).
*Queen Mary II (1662-1694).Queen Mary II succeeded to the throne in 1688, following the flight of her father, James II. She ruled as joint sovereign with her husband, William...
10. Reception of Her Royal Highness - the Princesse of Orange as queene of great Brittain.
*Reception of Her Royal Highness - the Princesse of Orange as queene of great Brittain.The reception of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange as Queen of Great Britain at Gravesend.
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1700 - 1799 (18th Century)
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