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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. The customs in London
*The customs in London
2. The Great Harry (1514).
*The Great Harry (1514).The 'Great Harry' was built at Woolwich and launched in 1514, during the reign of Henry VIII. She was one of the first ships of war to carry gun...
3. Royal Dockyards and Trinity House
*Royal Dockyards and Trinity HouseHenry VIII establishes naval dockyards at Deptford and Woolwich and the Corporation of Trinity House. The corporation assumes responsibility for...
4. Londinum Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis (Map of London c. 1580).
*Londinum Feracissimi Angliae Regni Metropolis (Map of London c. 1580).When Henry VIII came to the throne in 1509, the population of the city of London was about 75,000. By 1600 that figure had risen to 200,000. London...
5. The early years
*The early years
6. The wharves before the docks
*The wharves before the docks
7. Woodcut of early German ships, c. 1530.
*Woodcut of early German ships, c. 1530.In medieval times, ships in northern Europe began to change. Ships began to be built with straight sternposts instead of curved ends. Sailors found...
8. Trinity Almshouses and St Nicholas's Church.
*Trinity Almshouses and St Nicholas's Church.The Trinity almshouses can be seen on the right of this photograph. Trinity Hall is in the centre and St Nicholas's can be seen in the distance. The...
9. Trade and expansion in the 16th century
*Trade and expansion in the 16th centuryLondon's community of merchants, adventurers and explorers seek out new trading opportunities with distant lands.
10. The Golden Lion, 1588.
*The Golden Lion, 1588.The 'Golden Lion' was one of the vessels that Lord Henry Seymour commanded in order to resist the Armada of King Philip II of Spain. Phillip intended...
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