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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. Mariner's compass.
*Mariner's compass.Compass design changed little between the 16th and mid-18th centuries. Compass cards were hand-painted and often very decorative. This one has...
2. Mariner's compass, c. 1850.
*Mariner's compass, c. 1850.A mariner's compass, c. 1850, by the famous instrument maker E. J. Dent.
3. Mariner's compass in wooden box, c. 1849.
*Mariner's compass in wooden box, c. 1849.A mariner's compass in a wooden box. The card of this compass was replaced and is dated 1859. It is inscribed 'late Bradford, 99 Minories, London,...
4. Mural circle.
*Mural circle.Commissioned from Edward Troughton, with the optical parts by Peter and John Dollond, this 6-foot (1.8m) mural circle was first used in 1812. Owing...
5. Octant, 1753.
*Octant, 1753.The octant was developed in the early 1730s by John Hadley. The instrument enabled the observer to make more accurate measurements than had...
6. Portable telescope.
*Portable telescope.A portable brass reflecting telescope, with two eyepieces, one a later replacement, and folding tripod. The telescope can be dismantled and fitted...
7. Orrery.
*Orrery.Named in honor of Charles Boyle, Earl of Orrery, an orrery is an apparatus which illustrates, by the revolution of balls moved by wheelwork, the...
8. Octant, c. 1820.
*Octant, c. 1820.An octant is an instrument used for measuring distances between objects, used in navigation and surveying. This octant was made by Joseph Hughes c...
9. Marine Cistern Barometer.
*Marine Cistern Barometer.Negretti and Zambra were among the best-known London manufacturers of meteorological instruments by the late 19th century. This Meteorological Office...
10. Magnetic dip circle.
*Magnetic dip circle.During the 19th century the Royal Observatory Greenwich became an important centre for measuring changes in terrestrial magnetism because of the way...
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