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The following results matched your search criteria:

1. Lloyd's of London plate.
*Lloyd's of London plate.A white bone china dinner plate with a blue rim, transfer-printed with the arms of Lloyd's of London in blue and the inscription 'LLOYD'S'. The...
2. Lloyd's Coffee House frontage. On loan from Lloyd's of London.
*Lloyd's Coffee House frontage. On loan from Lloyd's of London.The frontage of Lloyd's Coffee House shown here dates from the 17th century. Although the exact date of its establishment is unknown, evidence exists...
3. Lloyd's Patriotic Fund cup.
*Lloyd's Patriotic Fund cup.A Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Cup, one of many awarded by Lloyd's of London to Royal Navy officers who had distinguished themselves in the French...
4. Lloyd's Patriotic Fund cup.
*Lloyd's Patriotic Fund cup.A Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Cup, one of many awarded to Royal Navy officers after distinguished actions in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars...
5. Nelson's china.
*Nelson's china.A creamware plate of a similar pattern to a service that belonged to Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson. In the centre is a foul anchor within laurel...
6. Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Cups.
*Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Cups.Lloyd's Patriotic Fund cups and swords were presented to all ship commanders (not only from the Royal Navy) who had distinguished themselves in the...
7. Linen representation of Nelson's funeral.
*Linen representation of Nelson's funeral.The richly-decorated hearse bearing Nelson's body is seen climbing Ludgate Hill with St Paul's Cathedral in the background. In front of it are...
8. Life mask of Nelson.
*Life mask of Nelson.This plaster cast of Nelson's face was made in Vienna in 1800, five years before his death. The mask was used as the basis of a bust. The original...
9. Engraved green turban shell.
*Engraved green turban shell.This green turban shell was engraved to celebrate the launch of the 'Great Eastern'. The shell's caption states 'Great Eastern Steam Ship Launched...
10. Earthenware figure of a sailor and a Greenwich Pensioner.
*Earthenware figure of a sailor and a Greenwich Pensioner.An earthenware figure group representing a sailor and a Greenwich pensioner. The pensioner is seated on a wall, one hand raised to his hat and...
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